Students aren’t just satisfied they are in love with the full Podcast Pro Course

Hi Jonathan

 I cannot thank you enough for the amazing course you’ve put together and all the guidance you’ve given the class over the summer. It truly has sparked the creative juices and I’m thankful to have such an enthusiastic mentor

The thing I’m most excited about is talking to clients at work. I’ve got a white board for most of the things I see on a daily basis. I can get clients to understand and follow my medical recommendations because I enjoy talking about these topics, so people stay engaged. Most GPs don’t have time to go into detail, so pet owners leave the hospital and start googling. I’d like them to be able to find a resource they can trust and that their vet can point them to.

That’s when the idea for “Your Vet Wants You to Know” emerged.

…how to financially plan for your pets 
…what’s happening in veterinary medicine (current events).
…vets are people too (human interest stories about veterinarians outside of work).
…why the human animal bond is incredible (human interest stories about people and their animals).

I think the Talent Stacker Podcast Pro course is an essential tool for anyone looking to seriously start a podcasting business. The step by step tutorials are incredibly simple to follow along with and each lesson provides actionable steps. The feedback and motivation from Jonathan were invaluable. Huge ROI.

Is it too late... There are so many podcast, You wonder if you have any chance at standing out

it can feel overwhelming and a little scary when you think about the learning curve and creating something that people want to listen too

Phil was Worried he wouldn't have enough Time

When the course was first offered, I didn't want to miss out because I am an entrepreneur at heart but I was also finishing up my MBA, working full-time, and managing twin 6 year-old boy's school schedules, while "attempting" to working from home. I felt so far behind when I first logged in a month later and saw all the progress the students were making. I wondered.. "will I be able to do that and make it look as easy as they are making it look?"

But as I started going through the course and watching the rebroadcast of the Live Q&A series sure enough "so far" it just works and I see that gap between me and the other students that were able to start sooner tightening

Prior to the course, I had no idea what was involved with podcasting. In fact, I’ve only been listening to podcasts regularly for 8 or 9 months when someone told me about ChooseFI. So this course has literally been infinitely helpful.

Phil Jackson

Host of The Stupid Question

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