Marketing Assets

  1. Who you help
    1. Example: I help beginners to the piano that do not consider themselves musical or naturally gifted when it comes to music/piano.
  2. What they want (that you can help with)
    1. Example: They want to be able to play songs they like for themselves and for their friends and family. They want to be able to pick up new songs quickly.
  3. The biggest reasons they don’t have what they want
    1. Example: Because they have failed in the past, think it’s too hard to learn and will take too long to learn.
  4. Mainstream way to get what they want
    1. Example: Traditional in-person weekly piano lessons
  5. Your new opportunity
    1. Example: an engineer’s approach to learning piano with easy formulas and frameworks that anyone can follow and very little technical jargon or theory.
  6. Your epiphany story
    1. Example: I took piano lessons for 12 years and could only play 2 songs on the piano, and I didn’t even like those two songs.
  7. Objections & False Beliefs (Make a list of all false beliefs that your audience would have about your course or niche.)
    1. Example: Takes too long to learn, costs too much, I could never do it, I’m too old, I don’t have rhythm, the piano intimidates me, etc etc.
  8. Your core framework
    1. Example: Notes -> Chords -> Chord -> Progressions -> Songs
    2. Example: 5-Step Song Learning Process
  9. Action Items
    1. Put together your marketing assets. Worksheet?
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