Identify Your Course Topic

  1. If you have more than one course idea, focus on just one first.
  2. Questions to ask you audience: 
    1. What are you struggling with as it relates to ______?
    2. Why haven’t you learned _____ yet?
    3. I’m thinking about making an online course, any guesses on what the topic will be?
  3. What is your new opportunity (blue ocean vs. red ocean)?
  1. Examples:
    1. Nate Dodson – not only grow microgreens, but how to sell at farmers markets, to chefs, and home delivery subscriptions
    2. Salome Shalake isn’t just teaching FB ads. Her focus is on engagement ads.
    3. John Gilliat – How to play a guitar without a guitar
    4. Salesforce for everyone
  2. Sometimes a red ocean course but taught with your unique skill set and voice can work.
    1. Example: Jonathan’s podcasting course
    2. This course?
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