Day 4: Real World Experience


Tips for Success

  • Volunteer projects are a great way to expand your professional network, build a resume, sharpen your skills and help a group in need. Volunteer Projects also lead to downstream opportunities for you. I have worked multiple Volunteer Projects and about 50% of the time the company will engage in paid projects after the Volunteer Project is complete. Use sites like Volunteer Match as explained in today’s video to find available projects.
  • There are other volunteering sites, feel free to search for other opportunities on other sites, however Volunteer Match leads the market right now for these types of projects.
  • Remember to search for Virtual projects, You may not find opportunities in your area and it really doesn’t matter because Salesforce is a cloud-based program which means you can work for anyone from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Don’t apply any filters when searching except using the keyword “Salesforce”. This is because sometimes the non-profits don’t set up the project correctly so you can accidentally filter great opportunities out by applying filters.
  • Feel free to apply for multiple volunteer projects, if you accept an opportunity it’s okay to let other companies know you’ve already dedicated to another group but may be able to help in the future.
  • Try to limit volunteer projects to under 2 months, this helps you not over-commit and sets an expectation for the client that this will not be a forever relationship. (Many times at the end of your volunteer period they will offer you an hourly wage to continue helping them)

Action Items

  1. Take a moment to watch this video in addition to today’s video for the 5 day challenge. This can help you dive into a little more detail and prepare for your volunteer projects.
  2. Head over to VolunteerMatch in your internet browser. Click Sign Up in the top right and fill in your information.
  3. Now that you are signed in you can search for Volunteer opportunities in your area by default. (Remember to swap the search over to Virtual to see all available projects)
  4. Set the Keyword Search filter to Salesforce and click Enter/Return on your keyboard to see results.
  5. Look for results with titles that include Salesforce, Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Analyst etc… Read over the job description and see if it sounds like a good fit. Remember even if it looks a little over your head go ahead and apply as many non-profits are willing to accept the help that you can give them even if it’s not everything they need.
  6. When you find a project that looks like a good fit click the “I Want to Help” button on the posting, fill out the information and click Send. You will be getting responses in no time!


You are now moving beyond the competition. Most first time applicants will not have experience and will not have done any volunteer work. Employers will love the experience and the fact that you are an active volunteer. 

I hope you are starting to appreciate how replicable of a process this is. You can easily map your path to a new career within 6 months if you can follow the guide posts I am sharing.


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