Day 3: Showcasing Yourself


Tips for Success

    • You should expect today’s material to take approximately 1.5 hours.
    • Your LinkedIn profile does not need to be perfect, you just need to get it created and a few core setup items in place. Don’t focus too much on the details today, you will be making small tweaks to make it perfect over time. Once you get your first certification you will come back and enter that information on your LinkedIn profile and you’ll be ready to start applying for positions!

Make sure your Cover/Background photo looks appealing, we recommend to use the background image supplied below.

  • Having a professional Profile photo is key, this is the first impression a person will have of you so make it count! A picture of you working at a computer or wearing business casual/professional attire can set the right perception of who you are at a professional level.
  • Everything about your Profile should say Salesforce, you are only applying for Salesforce positions, so forget everything else and dedicate to Salesforce!
  • LinkedIn is a great place to network, feel free to join some Salesforce Groups, connect with some Salesforce Professionals and start to understand how the platform works.
  • You may have guessed there is a mobile app for LinkedIn, why not install it and log in once your profile is setup? Imagine if you replaced just one of your social apps with LinkedIn and spent that time exposing yourself to professional posts and conversations instead of seeing what your cousin had for breakfast. This could help you think more professionally and start to get a feel how other professionals are networking with each other.
  • It’s important to keep learning so if you have some extra time keep moving down the Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential list of lessons.

Action Items

  1. If you don’t have a LinkedIn Profile Click Here to get started creating one! (If you already have a LinkedIn profile skip to step 2)
  2. Take a moment to watch this video from Bradley discussing LinkedIn and some tips on how to create your resume specifically for a Salesforce LinkedIn Profile. The most important parts of your profile are your Title and About section as this is how companies get search results when looking for employees. (Of course make sure your background and profile photo are on point as well)
  3. Because you do not have Salesforce work history you should also use non-Salesforce work history to help showcase your skills as well. It is important to consider past jobs and re-word or translate your responsibilities at those jobs to be applicable to a Salesforce role. (Tomorrow we will talk about ways to get experience and really build out this online resume)
  4. Go ahead and enter in your work history and any other information you want to draw attention to for your professional profile.


You are well on your way to a rewarding career as a Salesforce Professional. Great job!

Tomorrow we will be discussing how to get experience before you land your first job. That will be key to positioning yourself for a jump start into your new profession.

Until then,


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